Web Design, Print Design, ‘n stuff…

Graphic Design in Orange County – classic, upscale – yet casual. Dogs are allowed – welcomed, in fact.

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It’s not complicated. We make your marketing materials look good. 

Website Design

Your website has a big role to play in your marketing mix – it’s your storefront, your calling card, your credibility and a major way how potential customers find you. So it had better do the job. Hugo Mitchell’s fresh and delcious website designs show off your firm in the best possible light. Take a look.

Graphic Design/Copy Writing/Print

Graphic design emcompasses a wide swath of possibilities, doesn’t it. We can narrow it down a bit by saying this includes marketing materials such as Direct Mail, Brochures, Magazine Ads, Decals, Banners, Menus, and dang, the list keeps on going. These items may be print, and may be digital, but attention-grabbing copy is a constant.

Logo Design

What is your brand image? Is it the use of your favorite font? Using a splash of purple? Using color and fonts may contribute to your brand image, but it’s much more than that – it’s how others preceive you.